An inclusive saucepan design.

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The Major Project

The Brief:

To design an inclusive saucepan and produce a working prototype suitable for wheelchair users and other disabled people, in order to improve their kitchen safety, increase their independence and reduce their anxiety.



After initialisation the first step in the design process is to understand the problem in great depth. Primary and secondary research, coupled with initial ideation, builds a bigger picture of the design context and enables the designer to define their project direction.



Once the design direction had been determined, based on a solid foundation of research, it is time to make key decisions about the design. At this stage the knowledge and the concepts come together to form a product specification and an idea of what the final deliverables will be.



With a design direction and a Product Design Specification it was time to select a final concept direction and begin an iterative development process. Through a process of detail refinement, stakeholder feedback and simulation driven optimisation, a final design can be drawn and the Final Design Package defined.



Attentive nurturing of an idea, through product development, matures a final design, validated by feedback, professional opinion and measurable testing. However, this is not the end. The delivery of this project explains how it could be developed in the future.

An inclusively designed saucepan, developed through co-design with disabled and elderly people, but branded towards the wider cookware market without the stigmatisation of disabled assistive products.

Alex Kimber

BSc Product Design Engineering

Brunel University | London


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